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Purchasing Items From Walls of Your Cave

  • How Does It Work When I Purchase An Item?

    When you are shopping on Walls of Your Cave, you’re seeing items listed by a variety of sellers. When you select an item, you’ll see the individual seller of the item and have the option to view their profile. Once you’ve completed the checkout process, the order will be transmitted to the specific seller and they will ship you the item you’ve purchased.

  • How Do Shipping Charges Work?

    To protect both buyers and sellers, all items have a specific flat-rate fee based on the item category. This ensures that prices for items in similar categories can be viewed on a level playing field. Shipping charges are as follows:

    Pins – $4.95
    Magnets – $4.95
    CDs & DVDs – $6.95
    T-Shirts – $7.95
    Other Merchandise – $7.95
    Vinyl – $9.95
    Posters – $9.95

  • When Will I Receive My Item?

    Sellers on Walls of Your Cave are required to ship items within three business days of purchase. Delivery times will vary based on the geographic location of the buyer and seller.

  • What Do I Do If There Is A Problem With My Item?

    Once you’ve received an item from a Walls of Your Cave order, please inspect the item thoroughly as soon as possible. If the item is unsatisfactory for any reason, please contact Walls of Your Cave customer service as soon as possible. Do not contact the vendor directly. Walls of Your Cave will serve as a mediator between the buyer and seller to resolve the dispute in a fair manner for both parties. All decisions by Walls of Your Cave will be final. To protect all parties, buyers must notify Walls of Your Cave about an issue with an item purchased within 10 business days in order for Walls of Your Cave and the selling party to be able to resolve the issue.

  • What is the "WOYC Service Fee"?

    In addition to the item price and shipping charges assessed by the vendor selling each item, there is a small service fee added to each order. This fee covers Walls of Your Cave’s server space and website maintenance, customer service, dispute resolution, and other costs associated with hosting this online marketplace.

  • Why Is The Item I Want So Expensive?

    Walls of Your Cave is an open marketplace where artists, collectors, and anyone else can list items that they’d like to sell for any price they wish. All prices are set by the individual seller. Walls of Your Cave is not responsible for the price of any item listed. Walls of Your Cave does suggest visiting Expresso Beans to research the value and current pricing trends for anyone buying or selling a rare, limited edition piece of art.

Selling Items On Walls Of Your Cave

  • How Do I Sell An Item?

    To begin, click the “Vendor Dashboard” link on the main menu bar. This link will allow you to create your own store within the Walls of Your Cave site. You’ll be able to give your store a custom name, upload logo graphic, and create your own items for sale. You must have a valid PayPal account in order to sell items on Walls of Your Cave. Once your store is created, you can begin listing your items and making money! Walls of Your Cave is a WordPress-based website, and your vendor account actually gives you limited back-end access to the site itself. You’ll have maximum control over your store and your items. Click here to get started!

  • What Happens Once I've Sold An Item?

    Once a customer purchases one of your items, you’ll receive an e-mail notification providing you with the item order information and the customers shipping information. You must ship the item within 3 days, including providing tracking information to both the buyer and Walls of Your Cave.

  • How Do I Get Paid?

    When customers complete a purchase, for the protection of both buyers and sellers, Walls of Your Cave processes the transaction and accepts payment from the sale. Before a seller can receive payment, Walls of Your Cave must receive confirmation that the item has been delivered. Once delivery confirmation has been received, the total price of your item and shipping fees less the Walls of Your Cave commission will be transferred into your PayPal account associated with your vendor store in accordance with the payment schedule. Payments are completed every 14 days, and at each interval you’ll receive payment for all of your items that have been confirmed as delivered during that period.

  • Can I Create An Auction?

    Yes! Vendors can create an eBay-style auction to sell their items. The process is easy. You start by creating an item in the same way as you’d create a regular item ( click here for instructions). Simply select “Auction” from the Product Data drop-down menu that defaults to “Simple Product” and you’ll see a new tab called “Auction” appear. There you can enter a starting bid, bid increment, reserve price, buy-it-now-price, and the auction’s start and end dates. Once you click “Publish” and your auction is live, share it around to generate interest and watch the bids roll in! You’ll be notified via email when your auction is complete. Once the buyer has completed payment, you’ll be required to ship your item within 3 business days. You’ll be paid out on the same schedule as regular items.

  • Are There Any Fees When Selling On Walls of Your Cave?

    There is no up-front charge to list your items. Unlike eBay, Etsy, and other similar sites, Walls of Your Cave does not change a per-item listing fee. After your item has sold, Walls of Your Cave receives a commission of 8% of the selling price of each item and shipping charges. This small fee is charged to cover credit card processing fees, legal fees, website maintenance, marketing expenses, and other costs associated with hosting this online marketplace. Walls of Your Cave processes all payments in full, and then remits payment of money collected less the 8% commission in 14-day intervals after delivery of items has been confirmed.

  • I Don't Know How To Use WordPress. What Do I Do?

    WordPress is a terrific piece of software that is very intuitive and easy to use. However, for new users it can take a little bit of practice. If you’re having problems setting up your store or selling your item, click here for detailed and easy-to-follow instructions. If you’re still having trouble, just contact Walls of Your Cave customer service and we’ll give you all the tips you need to get going. We promise, once you’ve been through the process you’ll be selling like a pro in no time.

  • I'm An Artist! Can I Set Up A Store To Sell My Work On Walls of Your Cave?

    Of course! If you create your own artwork, we’ve love to have you set up a store. We’ll provide you with a whole bunch of great benefits too. First of all, you get exposure to a wide audience of dedicated collectors who are attracted by the wide range of items on Walls of Your Cave. You also get the benefits of having a dedicated online space where you can host all of your items without having to register a domain, pay for web hosting, design the site, and accept online payments. You can share your custom URL directly, on the web, and on social networks to direct your customers to our easy-to-use site that will handle the checkout process and payments. All you need to do is create your art, ship out your orders, and get paid!

    If you’re creating limited edition art you can set an inventory level on an item-by-item basis to prevent overselling. For art that is in high demand, you can also set a per-customer purchase limit so all your fans can have a fair shot at getting their hands on your work.

    Please contact Walls of Your Cave if you have any more questions about setting up a store to sell your own artwork. The interface works just the same as it does when selling one-off collectables, but there are many unique features that offer great opportunities to exhibit your products.